USB Electric Lamp Mosquito Killer

Protect your family and be comfortable everywhere you go.  With this simple solution, you can protect yourself and those you loveNo harmful chemical sprays to worry about. 

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp can perfectly kill mosquitoes and other flying bugs. It is safe and eco-friendly especially for indoor & outdoor use because the newly upgraded mosquito bug zapper indoor has no radiation poisons.

This Waterproof USB LED Mosquito Electric UV Lamp will provide you with a nice light and it does all the work automatically with auto shut off at daylight.  Plug it in and enjoy your space.


  • Light source to attract mosquitoes in and starve mosquitoes in the tray 

  • No radiation, non-toxic, safe to human and pets

  • Low power consumption, USB power with DC 5V safe voltage

  • Easy to clean: remove the storage box to clean mosquitoes with tissue or a small brush

NORMAL PRICE            : N20,000

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